Are you in the market for a home, but becoming frustrated by the entire home-buying experience? Have you been told that you have "credit issues" that need to be addressed before a lender will take you seriously? Have you tried to sell your home, and decided you'd rather have a root canal? Do the real estate "professionals" you've called for help seem too focused on their commissions instead of your needs?

Perhaps you just need some help understanding all of the alphabet soup and financial doublespeak that it seems like the simplest home loan is buried in. What *do* terms like "negative amortization" or "FNMA" mean, anyway? If you have been turned down, turned away, or just plain turned off because no one has ever bothered to clearly and honestly explain your real estate or lending options to you in plain English, call me.

I can help you. I've been working in real estate and mortgage lending for nearly fifteen years, and have just about done it all, from selling both new and resale homes to being a top "troubleshooter" lender - the one that handled loans too tough for the other officers to get approved. That resume means I have a lot more practical, real-world experience than either your average lender or real estate agent, and now as an independent real estate broker I'm offering to share that know-how with you.

So, click on the menu at left to read my newsletter (updated every month), get some advice on resolving credit issues, or find out how I can help you buy, sell, or refinance a home. When you're ready to discuss your needs, or just want to ask a question, click here to send me an email or pick up the phone. You can make your dreams happen - let me show you how to do it.

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